Game Of Thrones Theories: 6 Reasons To Get Hype For CleganeBowl

The Mountain vs The Hound?!

Even though it's a show known for its violence, sex, epic scale, and political intrigue, there is something of a family drama right at the very heart of Game Of Thrones. Of course there's the Starks, even if they're now pretty estranged. Then there's the Lannisters, which is one steaming mess of a family, featuring twincest and a dwarf who killed his father and is loathed by his sister. As sibling rivalries go, their's hasn't quite matched that of Stannis and Renly Baratheon, who went to war with each other after the death of eldest brother King Robert, with the Mannis killing his younger brother with the help of a shadow that a Red Priestess gave birth to. The biggest - literally - show of brotherly (un)love from the series though belongs to the Clegane brothers, Sandor and Gregor. They are two huge, fearsome warriors who love to fight, and have a real, deep-seated hatred for each other that dates back to Gregor burning his little brother. Although we've seen both of them seemingly die in the series, one of the most popular fan theories from the books and show is that the two are actually coming back, and will indeed face off in a fight to the death. It's not as crazy as it sounds (it's one of the more believable theories), and there is some textual evidence pointing towards it. This tantalising match-up has been dubbed Clegane Bowl, so here's a look at just how and why the brothers will be making returns from the dead, and the reasons that you should definitely get hype...

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