Game Of Thrones: Who Appeared In More Episodes?

There is NO way you'll be able to get 100% on this Game of Thrones quiz.


Game of Thrones has 73 episodes to its name spanning eight seasons. The show boasts one of the largest ensemble casts of all time for a television program with various storylines and characters being featured. It was always a complex beast, with several 'main' characters not appearing for whole seasons at a time whereas more minor characters appeared throughout depending on the storyline they featured in.

From the adventures of the Night's Watch at The Wall to the political intrigue of King's landing and everything in between, Thrones always had something to offer in whichever area of the Seven Kingdoms we found ourselves in. Who though, have we spent the most time with? Which maester are we most familiar with? Which resident of Dorne have we seen more than others? Which king got the most airtime and which Stark child reigned over the rest?

If presented with four characters from the epic series, can you correctly choose who appeared in the most episodes? The answers may not be as obvious as they seem... Can you prove me wrong?

1. Who Appeared In 48 Episodes?


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