Game Of Thrones: 10 Actors' Past Roles Which Ruin Their Character

10. Jack Gleeson

JofferyGoT Role: King Joffrey Baratheon Past Role: Little Boy - Batman Begins This is one a lot of you will be aware of already but it's worth a mention. Joffrey is easily the most hated character on the show due to his sadistic tendencies and treatment of the Starks. Played by Jack Gleeson with a sinister flourish, it's difficult not to find yourself wanting to reach through your TV screen and throttle the little bugger. Once you've seen that trademark sneer and petulant tone it's hard to imagine him having played anyone else. As he's a young lad there's not a great deal of work to look back on. But there's is one part that stands out and that's his role as 'Little Boy' in Batman Begins. It's jarring because he looks like a sorrowful little cherub when confronted by The Dark Knight, an unfortunate child from an abusive home. Batman duly combats this sadness by throwing him his Bat-Telescope and vanishing into the night. The next time we see Gleeson he is about to be murdered by Mr. Zsaz and the Scarecrow in a hallucinogenic fog. No wonder he plays messed up so well, filming all of that must have left him traumatized.

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