Game Of Thrones: 10 Craziest Fan Theories

Sometimes the maddest theories are the closest to the truth.

Game Of Thrones is crazily hot right now, especially after the long awaited Mountain versus Viper fight, and inevitably, fans perpetually second guess what is coming next: even those who have already reads the books, since HBO have consciously sought to add surprises even for those fans. And as well as looking ahead, fans are encouraged heartily to look back at what has already happened, speculating on the meaning of the show's manifold unresolved questions and plot lines, and seeking to solve the biggest mysteries in Westeros - as well as inventing some of their own for entertainment purposes. Naturally in this world of speculation, every character has an amazing destiny and a shady past and there are secrets everywhere - even the most innocuous of characters - though somewhat inevitably the most enduring theories concentrate on the most popular characters as no one really cares about the truth behind the background of Grand Maester Pycelle. While there are hundreds of Game of Thrones theories spread across the internet, we're celebrating the best and more importantly the most ludircous of those dedicated to the characters and locations already seen in the television series, which should change the way you view the show. For better or worse. But be warned that spoilers follow for events that haven€™t yet appeared on the show.

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