Gangs Of London: 8 Issues That Hold It Back From Greatness

A good show, but it could've been great with a few tweaks.

Sky Atlantic

While the film industry has ground to a halt thanks to the ongoing global crisis, the TV release schedule has largely continued uninterrupted. So far, it's been a somewhat quiet year in terms of truly stand-out TV shows that have got everyone talking, but there have still been a few. These include Normal People, I May Destroy You and Gangs of London, the highly anticipated crime-action series co-created by Gareth Evans, the director of The Raid films.

So, is Gangs of London any good? Absolutely. The performances from the cast are terrific, it's consistently entertaining, there's a nice dose of pathos and, of course, the action sequences are some of the best in television history.

Still, while it's certainly worth watching, it isn't quite a great show and there's a sense that, had a few issues been cleared up, it could've been a truly outstanding TV series rather than merely a good one.

A second series is on the way and in order to improve on the solid foundations of season one and become even better, these following issues should be fixed...


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