Gilmore Girls Or Supernatural Quiz: Who Said It - Dean Forester Or Sam Winchester?

Which character of Jared Padalecki said it?

Gilmore Girls Supernatural
The CW

Jared Padalecki spent fifteen years alongside Jensen Ackles in the role of the sweet yet brave, Sam Winchester.

He earned the love of the fans with his puppy eyes, ambitions and incredible principles. He was an inseparable part of the family business - saving people, hunting things. However if you go back further, you’ll remember young Jared Padalecki in Gilmore Girls as Dean Forester. He taught us that a college degree doesn't always guarantee a job. Quite the opposite to what Sam would probably say!

Gilmore Girls and Supernatural are not exactly two shows you would say are related, but Jared's character in both series did share a few similarities - an athletic background, a father figure with experience of working on cars and even sharing the same nickname as his future older older, Dean-O. Pretty weird, right?

It's time to see if you can tell the difference between Jared's character on Gilmore Girls and his character on Supernatural. Who said the following quotes?

The fact that you have not seen one of the series is not an excuse for scoring low.

1. "Okay. Tell Me When I'm Supposed To Pay Attention Again."


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