Gilmore Girls Quiz: Which Stars Hollow Resident Said It?

Can you tell a Lorelai quote from a Luke? Do you know what Michel said vs Taylor? Let's find out!

Gilmore Girls Rory Lorelai
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Though Lorelai and Rory might be the titular characters of Gilmore Girls, let's be honest, the real stars of the show were the residents of their home in Stars Hollow.

The beautiful tourist town about 30 miles from Harford, Connecticut is the home to the most wonderfully quirky people you would ever see. There's the controlling Taylor Doose, the sarcastic Michel Gerard and the genius in the kitchen that is Sookie St. James.

For seven seasons and a revival we all fell in love with the town of Stars Hollow. We all wanted to have Lane Kim as our friend and grab a coffee at Luke's diner. Those who watched the 153 episodes of the show couldn't help but want to hear the gossip from Miss Patty and Babette or find out what job Kirk was doing this week.

Gilmore Girls is known for its witty dialogue and perfect quotes. We've put together some of the best quotes from the amazing residents of Stars Hollow. All you have to do is decide who said it!

Can you tell a Lorelai quote from something Luke said? Do you know Michel from Taylor? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Oy, With The Poodles Already!


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