Gilmore Girls: The Progressively Harder Who Said It Quiz

Only the ultimate fan of Gilmore Girls will be able to identify who said each of these 12 quotes.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls became known for its fast paced dialogue and witty observations. Especially when it came to Lorelai Gilmore, whose pop culture references were a staple of the show.

Be it her canny ability to talk faster than anyone has ever spoke before in television history, Lorelai was never short of words. She even managed to pass on her knowledge of all things music, television and film to her daughter Rory.

Though outside of the Gilmore girls, the show was filled with so many wonderfully weird characters. There was Miss Patty and her tales from her days in the theatre. We all fell in love with Sookie and her baking skills. Of course, Lorelai received her cutting ability from her mother Emily.

Of course, the perfect partner for Lorelai had to match when it came to her wordsmith abilities. Though he might not have always had Lorelei’s caffeine fuelled outlook on life; Luke was always able to keep up with her.

With so many wonderful quotes across the whole show, only the ultimate fan of Gilmore Girls will be able to identify who said them all.

Will you prove your knowledge of the show by identifying who said each of these quotes? Let’s find out!

1. I Smell Snow.


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