Glee: 4 Possible Ways To Say Goodbye To Finn Hudson

glee_57484 Like many millions across the world, I€™m sure, I woke up yesterday morning (or rather, was woken up) to the terrible news of the death of Cory Monteith, one of the breakout stars of smash-hit U.S dramedy, Glee. Before I begin this article I would like to say that I don't wish to appear insensitive or cause any offence. I know that Glee is €˜just a TV show€™ and that the loss of Finn Hudson, the character, pales in comparison to the loss of Cory Monteith, the man. Nevertheless, for the majority of us €˜gleeks€™, Finn is the only way we have ever known Cory and, undoubtedly, his untimely death will be felt even more by his absence on Glee, come Season 5. Especially so as he has been one of central characters who helped bring the show to global prominence and critical acclaim. Many aggrieved fans will be left wondering over the next few months how exactly they will be €˜saying goodbye€™ to Finn, as many are now doing to Cory.

4. Recast

Cory.cory.monteith.12833415.2000.1502_r620x349 Firstly, and most unlikely, is the possibility that the Glee producers could re-cast the role of Finn Hudson. Whilst this wouldn€™t be a goodbye per se (not to Finn anyway) it would be an incredible undertaking for the writers, the actors and the audience. Traditionally TV audiences do not take kindly to recasts and they are often treated with contempt, being seen subpar to the actor who originated the role. In this case, Cory€™s original portrayal would likely be fiercely defended and Finn 2.0 would certainly have some big shoes to fill. After all, he wouldn€™t simply be replacing a fired actor, but a famous actor who was universally liked in the role of Finn, who died tragically at a young age and who was also the long-term boyfriend of female protagonist, Rachel Berry, both on-screen and off. Even if they could find someone with good chemistry with Lea Michele, I€™m not sure she€™d be too thrilled with a Finn/Cory replacement. In addition, Finn was arguably the show€™s anchor, being responsible for the culmination of many central storylines. He had some of the most well established relationships amongst the ensemble, including with Rachel, Puck, Quinn, Kurt and Will. Even in Season 4, he had begun to step into Will€™s role as €˜the leader€™ and had formed friendships with new recruits such as Marley, Unique and Ryder. So, do Glee fans want more of Finn Hudson enough to see another guy take on the role or would that be too tall an order? Are Cory and Finn simply too inextricable?

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