GLOW Season 3 Review: 7 Ups & 3 Downs

Another great season. Mostly.

GLOW Season 3

The third season of hit wrestling drama GLOW is now streaming worldwide, though you'd hardly know it from Netflix's virtually non-existent marketing for the show.

But fear not, for GLOW's third outing boasts another highly entertaining batch of 10 episodes that, while perhaps not quite meeting the high standard of the two prior seasons, is nevertheless compulsively binge-worthy and brilliantly acted throughout.

Critics have largely praised season three so far, though it's justifiable that fans may be a touch nervous about the show's future regardless given Netflix's penchant for cancelling even their popular content after just two or three seasons.

In the very least, the third season leaves these characters in a place that's a fitting leaping-off point if it doesn't return, but also presents a compelling tease for the fourth season we'll hopefully get to see next year. Fingers crossed.

Either way, GLOW season three delivers the drama, the heart and the hilarity that fans expect, with just a few minor stumbles along the way...

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