Good Luck Achieving 100% On This Supernatural Quiz

This Supernatural quiz will show how well you remember the Winchester family business.

Supernatural Sam And Dean
The CW

If you want to become an expert of mythical creatures from the biblical times, learn the meanings of different ancient symbols, maybe cast some spells, you should watch Supernatural. The show will also teach you how to trap demons and angels and, of course, translate inscriptions from Enochian. If this won’t get you a job, then what will? Well, maybe Winchester’s weaponry.

All jokes aside, Supernatural has one invaluable weapon in its arsenal - a devoted TV fandom. The vivid proof is the existence of websites, Facebook groups and pages entirely devoted to this epic show, along with the Supernatural conventions that have been taking place every year since its debut. In fact the fandom, the cast and crew grew to become a big family that doesn't end with blood.

If you consider yourself as an honorary part of the family and a true member of Men of Letters, you should have no problem scoring 100% on this Supernatural quiz. Well, are you willing to take it or have you lost your chickens?

Answers at the end!

1. What Did Dean And Sam First Encounter After They Reunited To Find Their Dad?


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