Gotham Season 3: 5 Ups And 5 Downs From 'Anything For You'

You are the real Bruce, because nobody else would be this boring.

Gotham Anything For You Ups Downs

It was bound to happen. After two episodes of wildly amusing television with Jervis Tetch, we've gone through the looking glass to shipping Penguin And Riddler (for good reason though because WE ALL thought they were going to kiss and all kind of wanted them to because, hey, why not?).

Gotham is always that roller-coaster show; the highs being above the clouds, the lows being beneath the boot-heels. Episode 5 of Season 3, Anything For You, was akin to waiting for the overweight guy to shuffle down the seat. Basically, it was filler. Going from The Mad Hatter to the simple subplot of 'Where's Ivy at?' is quite the disappointment.

There's still a ray of sunshine with characters evolving more and more (such as Ivy - who seemed excited by the violence of the adult world -, Nygma, Bruce and Selina) and I am always for character development but this was all method and only a sad tinge of madness. Sadly, things were just a little predictable. The Mad Hatter's presence was sorely missed. Until it wasn't. Here's everything that Anything For You did well, and what went rather wrong.

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