Gotham Series Finale: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

The Fox series came to a thrilling end, but what's next for the main characters?

Gotham Batman

Contains spoilers from Gotham Season 5, Episode 12.

After five seasons, 100 episodes - and three Jokers - Gotham came to an end this past Thursday night. The Fox series had been both ridiculed and commended for its originality over the years but - in spite of said originality - it finished out its run by remaining loyal to the comic canon.

Although 'The Beginning...' served as the series finale, you could argue that most of the wrapping up was done in the previous episode. During 'They Did What?', we saw the GCPD rescue the city from Talia Al Ghul's clutches, Gordon was rewarded for his efforts with the title of police commissioner and Bruce embarked on a life-changing adventure after bidding farewell to Gotham.

'The Beginning...', however, jumps ten years into the future, and finds our protagonists living in a very different city to the one we knew previously. Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma have very much embraced their villainous qualities to become their more famous comic book counterparts, and Selina is a very different person from when we last saw her - in more ways than one.

It was a rewarding conclusion for sure, so let's take a look at what the ending means. We might never find out what came next for our heroes, but there's certainly no harm in speculating.

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