Hannibal: 10 Things We Won't Get To See

This was their design... or it could have been.


Hannibal is that rare thing: a television adaptation of a long familiar cinematic property that betters the original. It’s smarter, more stylish and sophisticated than the previous film adaptations of Thomas Harris’ novels, with a singular vision throughout – that of Bryan Fuller, the showrunning executive producer of the series.

For those not in the know, the show follows the introduction of Will Graham, the sensitive, unstable FBI profiler of the Red Dragon novel, to his new shrink Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a renowned forensic psychiatrist and also the Chesapeake Ripper, one of the serial killers that Graham is hunting.

Critically acclaimed from the beginning, Hannibal never reached a large fanbase. Intellectual, elliptical and arty at one and the same time as being the most brutal and gory programme ever broadcast on network television; perhaps it was only ever destined to attract a niche market. Whatever the reason, Hannibal was cancelled by NBC on 22nd of June 2015, three episodes into the third season. At the time of writing, efforts to find a new home for the show on platforms like Amazon or Netflix have met with failure.

Hannibal’s status as the third iteration of Lecter’s story means that much of the central narrative is familiar to viewers, just given a new spin by Fuller and company. If season three is really the swansong for this remarkable project, then what storylines and set pieces will we miss out on? Let’s see… and here be spoilers, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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