Harley Quinn: 5 Reasons You Need To Check It Out

Behold, the closest thing comic fans have to an animated Deadpool show!

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There's been a refreshing new wave of live-action DC shows that offer a prominent spotlight on lesser-known properties like Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol. However, their animation division has seemingly taken a backseat in many people's minds. Even with the extremely solid Young Justice and regularly released animated movies, DC needed something within the animated spectrum that shook things up. Harley Quinn accomplishes that shake-up greatly.

While DC has always stuck with family-friendly animation, Harley Quinn is the raunchy adult cartoon that is unlike any comic show going on right now. Each episode is filled to the brim with jokes and background gags, so full in fact that you'll likely miss a couple of them on the first watch. From taking a delightfully-lighthearted approach to the world and history of DC to no-holds-barred violent action scenes, this is a show unlike any animated series you've seen before.

For fans of the recent Birds of Prey, this film shares much of its identity with this show. Centered around Harley Quinn breaking it off with the Joker and finding her own sense of identity, the show takes an amazingly-entertaining dive into the struggles of being a career sidekick in a supervillain world. The showrunners go into the psyche and struggles of Harley Quinn, further illustrating what has made her character so beloved by fans. If you're a DC fan, Harley Quinn is necessary viewing.

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