HBO Renews 'The Newsroom' and 'True Blood'

HBO Renews 'The Newsroom' after only two episodes despite mixed reviews.

After only two episodes, HBO has renewed Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom for a second series. This rather quick renewal comes on the back of one of the channel's most successful debut's in recent years, coming in at 2.1 million viewers behind only Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones in recent drama debuts. Although the show received largely mixed reviews, and has been criticised for talking down to its viewers as well as coming off overly indulgent and self obsessed, HBO have gone with their gut and ignored the critics following the solid opening viewer ratings. This isn't the first time HBO have been quick to renew one of their new series', renewing the ill-fated horse racing drama Luck only days after it's premiere. In less surprising news, HBO have also renewed True Blood for a sixth series. The supernatural drama remains one of HBO's most viewed shows, with it's most recent episode watched by around 4.7 million viewers. True Blood's sixth series will also be it's first without showrunner Adam Ball.
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