Hilarious Satirical Comedy Con Man

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Con Man - Preview from Con Man Web Series on Vimeo.

Yesterday saw the premier of Con Man, and hilariously new comedy from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. These two are synonymous with critically acclaimed films and TV series such as Firelfly, Serenity, and I Robot. Turdyk is in fact set to become an even more recognisable to Sci-fi fans, when he stars in the Star Wars Rogue One Film which is released in December 2016. Focussing on period between III Revenge Of The Sith and IV A New Hope, Rogue One is a standalone space opera that has every chance of being a massive hit. Con Man focusses on Tudyk's character, Wray Nerely, who starred in Sci-fi series 'Spectrum'. His fame level since the show's demise is in stark contrast to Jack Moore's - played by Fillion - who had co starred as the Captain within the series. While Moore's star has been catapulted high and his now well on his way to Hollywood A-lister status, Nerely finds himself on the convention circuit, and providing special guest appearances to cult fans of the show. We see however, that things may be a little different than what is seen at first glance. The show also boasts other recognisable stars from the world of cult film and sci-fi shows, like Tricia Helfer, Gina Torres, Seth Green, and Felicity Day to name but 4. It currently sits as the third highest crowd funded film campaign across any online platform. 3 episodes are due to be made available every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks. To watch the show head on over to the Vimeo website.
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