Homer Simpson Or Peter Griffin: Who Said It?

Hint: The person who said it was a fat and ignorant man with a drinking problem.


We are all guilty of having dumb moments and saying less than inspiring things from time to time, whether that's down to the mouth working faster than the brain, a distraction in the distance or just a general 'brain fart. Hopefully, we have many redeeming qualities that mask these less than graceful moments, but unfortunately, there are those in the world who can not be saved.

Welcome to the kings of ignorance, the barons of beer and the lords of lard known as Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. The patriarchal characters from The Simpsons and Family Guy share a lot of similar qualities, not too many of them positive, but are often hilarious and definitely memorable. The ability to speak without any hint of a spark between their ears one of the most notable characteristics.

But can you identify who said it?

Answers at the end!

1. "Love Is Like A Fart, If You Have To Force It It's Probably Crap."


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