Homer Simpson's 25 Greatest Moments

21. With This (Onion) Ring...

From: I Married Marge (Season 3, Episode 12) Speaking of which, way back in The Simpsons' infant years we found out the touching details of Homer and Marge's marriage - resulting in one of the couple's most memorable moments. After the pair get married (at Shotgun Pete's 24 Hour Wedding Chapel), Homer struggles to keep the pair afloat, what with a child on the way - until he walks out, deciding that Marge doesn't deserve him. Marge, however, and tracks her Homie down to his fast food workplace. With the two reconciled, Homer finally gives his wife a wedding ring - or, at least, an onion ring. And they stare lovingly into the other's eyes. 'would you mind if I took it off now,' Marge admits, after a moment..'The oil is burning my finger,' As well as being good for laughs, this moment encapsulates why, despite his raving idiocy and act-now-think-never attitude, Homer isn't actually a half-bad husband. He knows he can't offer much but will always try to make up for that. Homer Simpson's preferred token of love is an onion ring, and somehow that does it for a woman with a blue beehive hairdo.

20. The Devil And Homer Simpson

From: Treehouse of Horror IV (Season Five, Episode Five) Now we move on to a less wholesome moment with a ring-like foodstuff. In Treehouse of Horror IV's 'The Devil and Homer Simpson', Homer gets hungry at work and agrees to sell his soul to the Devil, in the form of Ned Flanders ('it's always the one you least suspect'), for a doughnut. So ensues a hellish trial to settle just who Homer's soul belong to. It is discovered that in his youth Homer pledged his soul to Marge meaning that it isn't the Devil's to take. In vengeance, the Devil curses Homer 'to wear the doughnut forever on his head', quite literally, as he turns his head into a doughnut. The best scene of this Halloween episode segment definitely comes during Homer's brief visit to Hell, where he is subjected to the Ironic Punishment Division. Homer is tortured by being forced to eat every doughnut in the world. Except, this is no chore for our Homer who happily keeps on eating. One Simpson's hell is another one's heaven...

19. Homer Talks To God

From: Homer the Heretic (Season 4, Episode 3) Alongside his dalliances with the Devil, Homer has also had his heavenly visits too, the best of which features in Homer the Heretic when Homer stops going to church. Falling asleep after Marge prays for her husband to see the error of his ways, Homer dreams that God comes down to punish him for 'forsaking his church.' Homer explains his viewpoint that you can be good without going to church and God falters, before agreeing with him - 'You know, sometimes even I'd rather be watching football,' He says. 'Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to appear on a tortilla in Mexico.' The Simpsons often deals with issues of faith in its own inimitable style; other TV shows could have an everyman character question what religion means to them but few would do it with the wit of Homer Simpson ('I work hard and I love my kids... so why should I spend half my Sunday hearing about how I'm going to hell?'), not to mention actually featuring God as a supporting character. Homer and God - what a match made in heaven.

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