How I Met Your Mother Episode Quiz: Two Truths And One Lie

Spot the lie!

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is one of the only series where you can watch it all day and all night and not get bored.

Despite the main theme of the series being Ted's retelling of finding his soulmate and the mother of his children, without his four legendary friends and their epic stories and adventures, the journey probably wouldn't have been worth watching.

Marshall is Ted's best friend from college. He believes in Bigfoot and ghosts, and the main goal in his life is to become a protector of nature. Lily, the love of Marshall’s life, is a kindergarten teacher who also loves to paint. She doesn't know how to keep secrets and loves to take everything under her control. Her best friend and Ted's first love of the series, Robin was a sexy news reporter who never really seemed happy with her life choices. And Ted's last and greatest friend Barney, was a terrible womaniser who would tell a bunch of lies to get what he wanted.

Through its nine-season run, How I Met Your Mother had many funny moments and also many sad moments, but today we want to remember some of the many legendary moments.

Were you paying enough attention to spot the lie between the following three statements?

1. Belly Full Of Turkey


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