How I Met Your Mother: Good Luck Achieving 100% On This Barney Quiz

HIMYM quiz even the biggest of Barney fans - or his overbearing mother - will struggle to get 100%!


For nine years and a total of 208 episodes, How I Met Your Mother won plaudits, praise and plenty of awards as it marked itself out as one of the best comedy sitcoms of its generation and beyond.

While the central narrative of How I Met Your Mother is driven by Josh Radnor’s Ted Mosby recounting to his children how he met their mother, one other massively popular character along for the ride was Barney Stinson.

Like four other characters, Barney was in every single episode of How I Met Your Mother, with him arguably the most consistently entertaining character of the entire series. A suit-wearing sex-addicted womanizer with a giant fear of any real commitment, this is a character who the show often falls back on for so many of its laughs – with Barney still managing to be somewhat endearing despite having a tendency to be a lying scumbag.

How well do you know Barney Stinson, though? While he was the favourite character of so many viewers during How I Met Your Mother’s nine-season run, here we’ve put together a quiz that even the biggest of Barney fans – or his overbearing mother! - will struggle to get anywhere close to 100% on.

1. Who Played Barney Stinson?


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