How I Met Your Mother Or Community Quiz: Who Said It - Marshall Eriksen Or Jeff Winger?

Which fan-favourite lawyer said it?

How I Met Your Mother Community

The twenty-first century has seen several iconic sitcoms appear and cement their status in the television world. Two of those sitcoms were How I Met Your Mother and Community.

Both shows are entirely different in their storyline and plot layouts. But the meaning behind each stands for the same message of love, friendship and laughter. Centred around a group of iconic individuals, HIMYM and Community brought these friends together as a family.

Both shows displayed a roster of unique fan-favourite characters. And two characters that strike every fan's mind are Marshall Eriksen and Jeff Winger. Marshall and Jeff were the backbone of their respective shows and provided countless legendary moments filled with laughter, love and lawyer puns.

Although Jeff was a former lawyer (after his degree was termed a con), his efforts to get a legitimate one from a Community college kickstarted the show. And Marshall, on the other hand, was an environmental lawyer whose infamous punch line "You've been lawyered" made him the fan-favourite.

Both characters are known for delivering a plethora of iconic lines, and with an equal mix of sarcasm, emotions and lawyer references, here's a collection of their legendary one-liners presented as a quiz. Can you tell Marshall and Jeff apart from these quotes alone?

1. "Your Womb Is A Temple.”


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