How I Met Your Mother Or Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Lily Aldrin Or Monica Geller?

How well do you know the difference between these How I Met Your Mother And Friends hostesses?

How I Met Your Mother Quiz

They're the hostesses of two of our favourite comedy families and the respective mother figures of their groups, stepping in as the moral compasses that we all want in our lives sometimes.

On the one hand, you've got Lily Aldrin, the fun yet assertive New Yorker who steps in as the voice of reason amongst the How I Met Your Mother group, always making sure her friends don't end up regretting their actions from one episode to the next. On the other, you've got everyone's favourite Thanksgiving cook, Monica Geller, whose assertiveness with her friends both humoured and terrified us over the years.

Both of these women have hearts of gold and work well as the centre of their respective groups. Both are in heartfelt relationships, both act as the voices of reason, both act as relationship advisers and dating experts (or think they do), and yet both have deep-rooted vulnerabilities with their own lives and where they think they should be going, making them exceptionally relatable characters in their respective shows.

But how well do you know each of these mother figures? Could you tell the difference between some of the pair's famous lines? If you can, you're clearly a major fan...

1. "Remember, If I Am Harsh With You, It's Only Because You're Doing It Wrong."


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