How I Met Your Mother Or Friends Quiz: Who Said It, Ted Mosby Or Ross Geller?

Can you tell which quote belongs to which hopeless romantic professor?

Ross Geller and Ted Mosby

How I Met Your Mother and Friends are extremely popular sitcoms, both of which boast massive, dedicated fan bases. Both television series have excellent casting, allowing viewers to fall in love with each gang of friends as they try to find love and romance while living in and around New York. The comparisons don't end there though, as How I Met Your Mother's characters were heavily influenced by its comedy predecessor.

In fact, each member of the cast seems to occupy a key sitcom archetype, mirroring each other: there's the womaniser (Joey and Barney), the married couple in the group (Monica and Chandler/Lily and Marshall) and even the oddball with a musical instrument (Phoebe and Tracy).

But the two you can compare arguably the most is Ted Mosby and Ross Geller. These guys are the hopeless romantics of their respective groups that both got left at their own weddings by their significant others. Both are professors that teach their lifelong hobbies whilst completely boring their entire friend group when talking about the things that excite them the most.

But can you tell which of them said these famous quotes?

Answers at the end!

1. "Everyone Has An Opinion On How Long It Takes To Recover From A Breakup."


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