How I Met Your Mother Or Friends: Who Said It - Barney Stinson Or Joey Tribbiani?

Which ultimate ladies man said it?

Friends How I Met Your Mother

Sitcoms are at their best when they present you with a loving group of friends going about their lives. Seeing people have fun together makes you feel like a part of it, and it can leave plenty of viewers catching a squish on specific characters - squish being the friendship equivalent of a crush.

How I Met Your Mother and Friends sold themselves on those kinds of friendships. These groups of buddies were infectious, and almost everyone watching wanted to be a part of it. Still, two of the most magnetic figures were the loveable Barney Stinson and Joey Tribbiani.

Barney and Joey were textbook ladies men on the surface, full of confidence, charm and charisma. But, there was a deeper side to both of them as they were also caring, goofy and geeky. That makes them such easy characters to compare and a challenge to pick between.

These two busted out plenty of hilarious quotes throughout their shows, and it can get a little tricky to tell which of them said what. So, let's see how well you can tell The Bro Code progeny from the food sharing hater.

1. “What Are You Talking About? One Woman. That’s Like Saying There’s Only One Flavour Of Ice Cream."


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