How I Met Your Mother Or Scrubs Quiz: Who Said It, Ted Mosby Or John Dorian?

How well do you know these shoot-for-the-stars hopeless romantics?


How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs lead characters are both romantics at heart with their respective shows following their mostly futile efforts at finding real love.

With an Appletini in hand, Doctor John Dorian floats through different women trying to find the right relationship, when in reality, he already knows the girl of this dreams is right under his nose the whole time. Ted Mosby always thinks the next girl is ‘the one’, pinning all of his hopes on whoever it may be that he lays his eyes on, regardless of how well they actually connect.

Both characters show humorous overtones with their relationships, but also journey deeper into the full spectrum of love showing wisdom, regret, hopelessness and everything in between, leading to a depth of through-provoking situations.

How well do you know these two wannabe Casanovas? Can you tell who said each of the following quotes?

Answers at the end!

1. "That's The Funny This About Destiny, It Happens Whether You Plan It Or Not"


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