How I Met Your Mother: Progressively Harder Barney Stinson Quiz

"What Comes After 'Legend...wait for it...'?" will not be asked, apologies.

How I Met Your Mother Barney

How often do you find a television character nowadays who consistently uses a multitude of women as nothing more than sexual set pieces in a never-ending mental collection, yet is EASILY considered the show's funniest and most entertaining character?

Not every day folks, because it's not every day you stumble across someone like Barney Stinson. Well, let's be honest, most of us would probably much rather watch Stinson's antics from the comfort of our couches than actually interact with a real world Barney equivalent.

With How I Met Your Mother being a something of a copy / paste of Friends in terms of television formatting, it isn't too hard to imagine the show's creators thinking "alright, let's just take Joey Tribbiani and trade his love for food and simplicity for a love of suits and scheming. Oh, and instead of acting, he's going to be a... wait what does Barney do again?

Well, it doesn't matter what Mr. Stinson did during his working hours, because this quiz only features moments that actually DID happen on screen. So, to the biggest fans of NYC's biggest playboy, how well do you know Barney Stinson?

1. Which Incorrect Name Was Written On His Coffee?


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