How I Met Your Mother: Progressively Harder Who Said It Quiz

"Moist", "Legen... wait for it... dary" - who said what?

How I Met Your Mother

There are movies and TV shows that after watching, you feel something light and fluffy in your soul. How I Met Your Mother is one of those rare cases with its unusual situations, versatility of characters and sparkling jokes.

How I Met Your Mother focused on Ted Mosby's life and his story of how he fell in love. All the trouble started when Ted's best friend Marshall suddenly announced that he wanted to propose to his longtime girlfriend Lily. By then, Ted realised that he needed to put in more effort if he really hoped to find his true love.

The show had a lively and immersible atmosphere with stories of Ted and his friends. The characters became family, fans worried about each of them, were happy with them and cried when they felt sad. The series was kind and honest. There was no stereotyped picture with ideal people, here they loved, hated, made mistakes and made the right choices for themselves.

If you consider yourself a HIMYM fan, then you should easily be able to identify which character said the following quotes.

Answers at the end!

1. “Whenever I’m Sad, I Stop Being Sad And Be Awesome Instead.”


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