How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Can You Finish These Barney Stinson Quotes?

"It's gonna be legen - wait for it..."

How I Met Your Mother Barney

Despite the premise of How I Met Your Mother revolving around Ted and his search for 'the one' in New York City, it's arguably Neil Patrick Harris's take on the corporate playboy that is Barney Stinson, which a lot of fans remember and adore most.

Although all members of the core gang get their own chance to shine, it's arguably Barney's arc which is the most interesting and developed through the show. Starting off as a one-dimensional ladies man, Barney's playbook antics were the light-hearted contrast to Ted's emotional journey and it made for great entertainment.

As time went on, Barney still retained those laughs, but we also got a major insight into his inner complexities, including his longing for a father figure and how his semi-damaged childhood had resulted in him struggling to keep a genuine relationship. A fan favourite to this day, Harris's multi-layered performance was far more than anyone was expecting.

So, how well do you know the legend that is Barney Stinson and how good's your memory of his most famous lines? Get 100% on these quotes and you'll be fit to be Stinson's wingman.

1. "A Girl Is Allowed To Be Crazy As Long As She Is Equally ____."


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