How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Can You Match The Barney Stinson Scene To The Season?

How well do you remember Lorenzo Von Matterhorn?

How I Met Your Mother Barney Honey

There have been many great television shows over the years, but there are only a handful that are talked about years after they end. One show that will still be talked about ten years from now is How I Met Your Mother. It was a show all about the journey of finding your soul-mate.

Whilst Ted Mosby was the narrator of the show, the rest of the gang played major roles in many important storylines. Barney Stinson definitely had some memorable moments across the shows nine seasons.

Barney was very driven - if he wanted something, he would stop at nothing until he got it. And often that would be a woman at the bar, or a girlfriend of Robin and Lily. It's probably fair to say that he often didn't treat the ladies in his life with the respect they deserved. However, over time changed, and Barney's feelings towards relationships changed.

The question we have for HIMYM fans today is, just how well do you remember Barney's journey? Can you match a specific Barney scene to the correct season? Let's find out!

1. Which Season Is This Scene From?


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