How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Can You Match The Episode Title To The Correct Season?

Only the most die-hard of How I Met Your Mother fans can match these titles correctly...

How I Met Your Mother

Over its nine-season run, it's fair to say part of How I Met Your Mother's charm was its ability for original storytelling and the way those stories were told.

From flash forwards to alternate perspectives, from cross-cutting and dynamic editing to its iconic narration, the show arguably revolutionised the sitcom for the modern day, putting its unique spin on what was arguably becoming a tried and tested formula in telling the lives of a group of friends, navigating life in one of the world's largest cities.

Part of this success was how the showrunners were clever enough to subvert expectations as to where the stories of our favourite characters would go as the show went on. A big factor in teasing some of these exciting developments was done through the episode titles - any die-hard HIMYM fan could probably list you iconic episodes such as 'The Playbook', 'The Naked Man' and 'Bad News', with each teasing some big moments in the show's run.

So how many of these innovative episode titles can you remember off by heart? Do you know enough to be able to match a selection to the right season? With over 200 episodes, it's harder than you might think...

1. The Wedding Bride


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