How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Can You Match The Robin Scherbatsky Scene To The Season?

How well do you remember the Canadian pop sensation?

How I Met Your Mother Robin

How I Met Your Mother is a series all about love and friendship. Unlike Friends and The Big Bang Theory, HIYM is a story told in reverse. Protagonist, Ted Mosby is telling his two children, Luke and Penny, the story about how he met their mother. One contender who was quickly ruled out at the beginning of the series was Robin Scherbatsky.

Ted professed his love for Robin on their very first date, only a few days after first meeting. Unfortunately, they both wanted different things. Robin wasn't ready to settle down, and was very career driven. Ted wanted the wife, children and white picket fence. While their romantic relationship wasn't meant to be, their friendship was definitely one that was stronger than most marriages.

The question we have for How I Met Your Mother fans today is, just how well do you remember Robin Scherbatsky? Can you match a specific scene she was in to the correct season?

Even Ted Mosby himself would struggle to score 100%. Are you up for the challenge?

1. Which Season Is This Scene From?


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