How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Complete The Episode Title

From the "Pilot" to the "Last Forever", let's remember every episode title...

How I Met Your Mother Tracy

Ted Mosby's children never imagined just how long his story would be of how he met their mother. That's because he decided to tell the story in detail about everything that happened in his turbulent youth, which led him to meet with their mother. And believe him ,there is a lot to tell!

Ted’s story revolves around his crazy friends and their many adventures. Marshal, with whom they have been friends since college. Marshall’s girlfriend Lily. Barney, the inveterate bachelor. And of course “Aunt” Robin, the girl who Ted fell for the day he met her.

In every episode, the gang shared many stories. They cheer you up and make you smile... and sometimes they even make you cry. Moreover, most of the jokes are not in the category of hackneyed. Everything here is very original, even the episode titles. But did you pay attention to these episodes enough times to recite them by heart?

Can you remember the episode title where Robin becomes a woo girl or when the gang has their final cigarette ever? If you've been a fan of the show since its release, then you should be able to score 100% on this quiz!

1. Okay ____


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