How I Met Your Mother Quiz: During Which Episode Did Barney Say It?

How good's your memory of this HIMYM character's most famous lines?

barney stinson

Arguably still the most popular character on How I Met Your Mother today, Barney Stinson certainly remains one of the most iconic figures in the show's run.

Initially a one-dimensional womaniser used as comic relief to contrast Ted's romantic ways, Neil Patrick Harris totally made the part his own, embracing all of Barney's complexities and vulnerabilities, going on one of the most interesting character arcs throughout the show's nine seasons. By the time HIMYM came to a close, gone was the womaniser, replaced by a more heartfelt individual coming to grips with his emotions and fighting his inner demons.

Of all the group though, Barney's lines and dialogue are some of the most memorable of the series - you won't meet a die-hard HIMYM fan who hasn't uttered the words, 'It's gonna be legen - wait for it -' or 'Hi, have you met...' at some point in their lives.

But just how big a fan of Barney Stinson are you and how well do you know some of his lesser known lines? Could you tell which episode he said what from just a single line of dialogue? See if you can get all of these...

1. "I Think Tonight Is Going To Be De — Wait For It — Lightful."


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