How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Guess Who

How well do you know the characters of HIMYM?


There have been many great TV shows over the years, but only a small portion of these have managed to touch our hearts. How I Met Your Mother is definitely one of those shows.

We spent countless hours following the life of Ted Mosby on his epic journey to finding his one true love. After many many disastrous dates, Ted eventually finds the future mother of his children.

While the mother's reveal comes pretty much at the end of show, the journey was definitely the most enjoyable aspect. We laughed, we loved and we cried, the show pulled on our heart strings more than we could ever imagine.

After a whopping 208 episodes, just how much can you remember about the characters of one of the greatest shows ever made? Can you match the following fifteen statements to one of the five main characters? Only hardcore HIMYM fans will score 100% on this quiz!

Answers at the end!

1. I Have No Siblings.


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