How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Lily Aldrin - True Or False?

Test yourself! Are these facts about Lily and her Aldrin ways true or false?


How I Met Your Mother has always been at the fore-front when it comes to great comedy shows. It wielded everything you would want in a show of its style to create mass success for itself, with short episodes inviting regular mass bingeing sessions for all.

The heavily popular series found a perfect balance between keeping comedy light and hilarious, but also hitting you hard in the feels when taking a serious turn and addressing important life issues. Issues that directly affected the pillars of the show, the main cast of characters making them relatable and ever more memorable.

One character in particular with her own emotional rollercoaster is one half of the power couple, Lily and Marshall. The firey little mother figure of the group would regularly impart wisdom and advice for the ever struggling Ted Mosby and friends, keeping order and peace within their lives in her own Aldrin ways.

How well do you remember these ways - are these facts about Lily true or false?

Answers at the end!

1. She Has No Siblings.

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