How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Marshall Eriksen - What's His Next Line?

Can you guess Marshmallow's next line?

HIMYM Marshall

How I Met Your Mother is an amazing cure for bad moods, and along with that, many things in it are really thought-provoking. And not because there is some philosophical subtext or deep meaning here but on the contrary, everything is extremely simple here and many problems are raised in ordinary life situations.

One of the main characters of the series, Marshall Eriksen, is a large-sized good-natured man who exudes love, respect, and mutual assistance not only in relation to his loved ones but even to complete strangers. His fanaticism in matters of the mystical mysteries of Mother Earth, and the inadmissibility of even a mental betrayal of his beautiful wife Lily, make him such an overgrown child, which only makes this image more interesting.

From childhood, he was distinguished by great physical strength and loved to arrange fights without rules with his brothers, but he tried to resolve any conflict situations without bloodshed. And of course, the big child was known for massively believing in supernatural things including ghosts, various mythical creatures, and aliens.

He also delivered the weirdest lines over the show. So, if you want proof, here are the most hilarious Marshall Eriksen quotes. Can you remember the words, phrasings, and quotes of Lily’s devoted husband?

1. "No, Sasquatch Is A Warm And Affectionate Creature."


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