How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Robin Scherbatsky - What's My Next Line?

Guess what Robin said next.

Robin Scherbatsky How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is loved by viewers all over the world. A fairly ordinary plot was embellished with unusual characters and brilliant acting. The comedy, which lasted an incredible nine years, not only kept everyone in front of television screens but also received six Emmy awards, as well as People's Choice and Critics' Choice awards. However today, we want to talk about Robin Scherbatsky.

Robin came to New York from Vancouver. She had a boyish personality due to her father always dreaming of having a son and raised her as if she were a boy. Yet, the upbringing of her father in this style left an imprint on Robin’s personality. She liked to smoke, was fond of shooting, didn't want to have children, and appreciated her independence.

When Robin was a teenager, she became a Canadian pop-star - Robin Sparkles. Her song "Let's Go to the Mall" brought her immense popularity, and became a hit throughout Canada. But the question we have for the fans today is not about the songs Robin sang, but it's about the quotes she delivered throughout the show. Will you be able to guess her next line? Let's find out!

1. “You're Not Gonna Be The Man I Fell In Love With."


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