How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Which Guest Star Said It?

How well do you remember these LEGENDARY guest stars?

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is one of the best sitcoms to have ever graced our television screens. Often considered a successor to Friends, the CBS sitcom broke new ground while hand in hand carrying the legacy of Friends.

The writing, direction and production combined brilliantly for a whopping 208 episodes over nine years. Sure, some episodes had their flaws, but there's no denying that there were some hilarious moments throughout the show's run.

The iconic characters and their other-worldly quirks are what made this show so great. From Barney's Bro-Code and ridiculous methods for getting girls to Lily's feisty outbursts, the show never failed to make fans laugh.

But despite all the plaudits the main cast of Lily, Marshall, Ted, Barney and Robin receive, they were always leveraged by some of the finest guest stars and recurring characters who left a lasting impression on fans in their limited time.

From outrageously horny news anchors to wise taxi drivers, remembering all those legendary guest stars is a trip down the memory lane to the best of times. So, if you think you remember the exes, the gurus, and the buffest lawyer in the history of TV, here's a quiz to celebrate all of those recurring characters who completely stole the show from the series regulars.

Can you tell which guest star said it based on these quotes alone?

1. "Who's Your Daddy?"


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