How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Am I - Robin Or Lily?

The feisty kindergarten teacher or the tough news anchor?


Fifteen years ago CBS came up with its own "Friends" sitcom, revolving around a group of five friends in present-day Manhattan. Having been dubbed as the perfect successor, HIMYM slowly gained its own identity and fandom. The unique cast dynamic and intriguing characters drew in audiences as the show became a global phenomenon.

For nine years, we saw five attractive twenty-somethings become a well-bonded, close-knit family and even on their own, each character had a unique and special relationship to one another. From Barney's self-proclamation as Ted's best friend to Ted's actual best friend Marshall, the male camaraderie on the show was a predominantly occurring storyline, overshadowing the female duo of Robin and Lily.

The pair add a great dynamic to the group, and even though their strong personalities don't fall in the same clusters, they are genuinely likeable and deserve to be a fan-favourite. Watching the two interact with each other, live and love, made us laugh like never before,

HIMYM fans, can you distinguish the kindergarten teacher and the news anchor from what they got up to over the years?

Answers are at the end!

1. My Doppelgänger Is A Stripper.


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