How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Asked It - Lily Or Robin?

Can you remember who asked what?

How I Met Your Mother Quiz

How I Met Your Mother is considered a modern sitcom classic. The show received numerous television awards such as Emmy Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Golden Globes, and many others. Although the final episode aired in 2014, the show is still very popular.

The show centres around architect Ted Mosby who tells his kids the story of his acquaintance with their mother. Through those stories, he introduces his friends - Barney, Robin, Marshall, and Lily. They all helped Ted think positively about his future and that something good was just around the corner.

Robin and Lily were always there to support Ted and soon became a fan-favourite pair. They added a great dynamic to the group. Although they were completely different, they loved and supported each other in every situation.

Since the show lasted for nine seasons, there are countless phrases and hilarious jokes that all fans love to quote. It's now time to remember all the crazy and weird questions asked by Lily and Robin.

Can you guess who asked the following questions?

Answers at the end!

1. "So Which Is It, A Cockroach Or A Mouse?"


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