How I Met Your Mother Quiz - Who Dated Them: Ted, Barney Or Marshall?

Two lotharios and one... romantic?


How I Met Your Mother is as much about meeting the wrong ones as it is about Ted Mosby meeting the right one. Over the show's many years, all of the characters - well most of them, anyway - dated multiple people and hooked up with even more, but can you remember who dated who?

Each of the characters represented a different part of the romantic spectrum. Marshall was devoted, doting and very much off the market - but that doesn't mean we didn't find out about some of his past relationships and key romantic information - Barney was a legendary player and Ted was perpetually looking for the one. Until Barney steered him off course and into looking for the one night stand.

So while there are clearly two more... experienced characters in How I Met Your Mother's male roster, all three of them have dated, slept with or been linked to lots and lots of different characters over the show's history. But which one was linked to who?

Answers at the end!

1. Chloe


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