How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Did Barney Say It To - Robin, Nora Or Quinn?

Who was Barney talking to?

How I Met Your Mother

During the nine-season run of How I Met Your Mother we learned a lot of life lessons. Ted taught us never to despair and believe in love. Robin proved that a woman should always stand up for herself. Lily and Marshall gave us real relationship advice and goals. And Barney taught us how not to treat women.

Over the years, Barney dragged his friends into various adventures, and always managed to find new ways of getting women into his bed. He always honoured the Bro Code, which he of course wrote himself, and never got into a serious relationship, despite the many women he encountered. However, there were a handful of occasions where Barney would go off-book and actually developed feelings.

Barney had serious relationships with Robin, Nora and Quinn. All three of them were wonderful and independent. Rather than just finding him funny, they all accepted Barney for who he was and never judged him.

Well, whether Barney’s soulmate was Nora, Quinn or Robin remains to be revealed by fans, but the question for today is, just how well do you remember the dialogue he had with these women?

Can you guess who he said the following quotes to?

1. "Mr. Flanagan's Wife Shot Him Before He Could Ever Tell Me What The Trick Was."


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