How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Did It - Barney, Ted Or Marshall?

Suit up!


By the time the dust had settled on the end of How I Met Your Mother and we'd not only found out the answer to the one question that had hung over every season, but also that it wasn't the happy ending we'd all hoped for, we all had at least five new friends for life.

In the absence of other sitcoms based on a group of young friends who spent a lot of time socialising and working out their relationships (and the dip in quality of some others), How I Met Your Mother was a consistent source of entertainment right up until to its end. That was thanks to a combination of charming characters, compelling relationships and lots and lots of legen - wait for it - dary quotes, which were irresistibly memorable.

But remember funny lines is easy. Even remembering who slept with who, who married who and who stole what blue instrument from where for who is pretty simple. What's more challenging in a show this long is remembering the smaller details.

So suit up, kids, we're going to see how much you remember the boys of How I Met Your Mother.

Answers at the end!

1. Created The Murtaugh List

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