How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Kissed Who?

I wound up shame-eating the whole pizza. I woke up all greasy and sweaty.


Through nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother there has been plenty of characters come and go, some memorable and some whatsherface's and whodoyoucallum's. Either way they have left some form of impact on the characters they had interaction with.

The quickest way to add romance between characters or create emotional chaos between potentially many, is the addition of a kiss. It can be for a number of reasons; a dare, a drunken mistake, the loss of a bet, lust or just plain love. How I Met Your Mother pretty much covers all of those bases.

But can you identify who kissed who over the years? It takes a sharp memory to remember them all!

Feel free to leave a comment down below with how well you did!

Answers are at the end.

1. Who Kissed Lily When The Gang Crashed A Prom To See A Band?


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