How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It – Barney Stinson Or Ted Mosby?

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, John Cusack and more quotes collide - but was it Barney or Ted?


Who doesn’t enjoy themselves some How I Met Your Mother?! In a sea of plentiful modern-day sitcoms, HIMYM stands out as one of the absolute best of the bunch.

Granted, the show’s final season may have dragged on just a tad, but that didn’t diminish the overall quality of what was a fantastic series for so much of its nine-season run.

That run came to an end back in 2014, of course, yet the stories and tales regaled throughout How I Met Your Mother’s 208 episodes are still revered to this very day. Telling those stories and tales, audiences had Josh Radnor’s Ted Mosby guiding them. And similarly playing a pivotal part in the vast majority of those anecdotes, we had Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney Stinson.

If you’re one of those huge fans of How I Met Your Mother, chances are you’ll like to think of yourself as quite the expert on all things Ted and Barney. And now, there’s the perfect chance to put those bold as brass claims to the test.

Keeping all of this in mind, then, who said these lines of dialogue – was it Barney or was it his trusty pal Ted?

1. I Refuse To Be A Part Of A Third Runaway Bride Situation.


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