How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It - Marshall Or Lily?

How well do you really know the fan-favourite couple?

Marshall Lily HIMYM

How I Met Your Mother's story has always been about Ted's search for 'the one'. And while Barney's womaniser antics and Robin's strong independence were a significant part of the storyline, Lily and Marshall's less than conventional relationship was the show's highlight.

Their unique and ever-evolving relationship showed the real heart that HIMYM was aiming for all along. While the others searched hopelessly for a lasting relationship, Marshall and Lily were like two peas in a pod. From their cute little pet names for each other to watching Predator on Valentines's Day, their relationship was one memorable journey.

Even when they went through rough patches, fans knew they would end up back together because the bond they shared was far more substantial than anything that came their way. Both Marshall and Lily bounce off each other to create a real synergy between the two characters and created memorable moments throughout nine seasons.

Marshall and Lily are so closely knit that even for hardcore fans, it can be hard to tell the pair's quotes apart. So, here's a quiz to celebrate Marshall and Lily's relationship. How well do you really know the heart and soul of HIMYM? Can you tell their quotes apart to prove you're a true fan?

1. “You’re My Best Friend, I Just Need Your Support.”


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