How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It - Ted Or Marshall?

Was it said by Ted Mosby: Architect or Marshall: Judge Fudge?

How I Met Your Mother Quiz

Like most New York city sitcoms about young and attractive people, How I Met Your Mother is all about friendships and romance. While boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, it's the core group of friends that give the show its heart and soul. The show gave audiences one of the greatest friendships in sitcom history. Ted, Marshall with Lily, Robin, and Barney.

The MacLaren's Pub gang were five of the closest friends that television has ever produced.However, it’s hard to argue that there could be anything more valuable than Ted and Marshall’s friendship. The two met on the very first day of college and become roommates and ended up staying roommates after their college years.

Ted was a little boring and had peculiar habits and hobbies. From the first episode, he decided that it's high time to start a family. Marshall, on the other side, always was an example of a happy relationship for Ted and a motivation for finding true love, since he himself was happily married to his childhood sweetheart. Although these two might be the besties throughout of the show, sometimes they treat each other terribly. But do you remember the quotes delivered by Ted and Marshall?

Can you correctly identify who said what?

1. “This Is Rex. He Lives With Us Now.”


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