How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It - Tracy Or Robin?

Was is the Mother or the Sparkles?

How I Met Your Mother

Today, we have two amazing characters from one of the most beloved shows of its time, Tracy and Robin from HIMYM.

Both gorgeous and witty, Tracy and Robin are complete polar opposites. They have different personalities, different beliefs, different career paths. But there's one thing that they do have in common - Mr. Ted Mosby.

These two characters caused quite a stir amongst fans, with many arguing as to who was really the perfect match for Ted.

Although many rooted for Robin as she was there from the very beginning, Tracy remained an absolute mystery for quite some time which intrigued fans.

Tracy was a caring and lovable person, who often made the people around her better. She was a natural fixer and wanted everyone around her to be happy. Robin on the other hand was a mess and a disaster, a beautiful one for sure. Hard-to-handle and sarcastic, Robin is the nicest human who is scared of commitment, serious relationships and children. These two made for some entertaining and emotional scenes over the years, and it's fair to say Ted was one hell of a lucky man.

It's now time to see if you can tell these ladies apart by just their quotes alone. Ted loved them both, but who do you know better?

1. "I Just Ate A Croissant Crumb That I Found In My Bra. I'm Disgusting."


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