How I Met Your Mother Quiz: You'll Never Get 100% On This Bro Code Quiz

Suit up and take this quiz Bro! Only true HIMYM fans can score 100%.

HIMYM Barney Stinson

How I Met Your Mother aired over fifteen years ago back in 2005. Since the show lasted for nine seasons, it created countless weird phrases and hilarious jokes that all fans have quoted. However, one of the most hilarious things could be following the rules from the Bro Code.

The Bro Code was first referenced in season one, but it took a couple of seasons before the actual Bro Code book was mentioned and explained in the episode 'The Goat',

The suit-loving Barney Stinson followed this guide religiously and tried to balance his friends and lovers with the help of these rules. According to him, the Bro Code was passed down from generation to generation with new amendments and articles added by bros over time. He claimed that the Bro Code is not just a set of rules that tell bros what to do and what not to do—it's a way of life. It teaches a bro how to become a bro and how to act like a good bro.

Just how much do you remember about this hilarious “moral” code designed just for bros? Can you score 100% and become a deserving bro?

Answers at the end!

1. What Colour Should A Bro NEVER Wear?


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